About Me

Talking about me and how I came to make this site

As I said at the beginning, my name is Patric. I work in the IT sector. But I’ll tell you about something more interesting!

Here’s how I decided to make this site:

When this absurd war began which has no justification and which most of us would not have thought possible in 2022, I contacted to find out how people I knew in Ukraine were doing.

I think it is not possible to remain indifferent in the face of an unjust invasion and a genocide, through acquaintances I have thus met other people and started to create a network to try to give help.

I sent some help personally, donated clothes to the collection centers and tried to get active where possible. I immediately realized that alone it is impossible to do much, hence the idea of this site was born.

In the meantime, I got in touch with Milena, a very active person in trying to rescue as many people as possible. I therefore gave my willingness to host someone.

A week later, a bus organized by Milena arrived and contacted me. So I welcomed a mother and a 10 year old girl.

I can now say that this is one of the most significant experiences of my life. I am certainly lucky because the people I have welcomed are very kind, very polite, really wonderful people. Despite the linguistic difficulties we are able to communicate and it is pleasant to converse with them, it is pleasant to spend moments with them. Honestly, I’m getting very attached to it.

Today, April 1, 2022, I finished the development of this site, which I started on March 18, 2022. With this I hope to be able to make a contribution to help as many people as possible, who are currently suffering and facing injustices caused from a war they did not want and did not expect.