Initiative to help the Ukrainian people

This initiative is intended to raise funds. We know that the current situation in Ukraine, in various regions, does not allow humanitarian associations to get aid to its destination. This forces the population, which in many cases has lost everything, to spend the little money left on food, medicine or paying to find transport and try to save themselves. But in many cases this money is lacking!

Our mission is to send donations directly to families in need. This how? Thanks to a network of direct contacts with local volunteers, who are located in the most affected cities, who are responsible for finding food and medicines and delivering them to families in difficulty, every 100 euros collected, we will donate them directly to one of these families.

We collect these funds through an account created for this purpose and from which we will redirect donations directly to this persons, with whom we are constantly in contact.

To donate click here.  Every donation is free, every eruo collected is important!